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Simplifying Data and Digital for all!! 


I’m Abhijeet, a Digital Marketing enthusiast

I am a Digital Marketing expert who has an interest in writing and reading about what Brands and Businesses do in the online space. 

Suppose somebody has a craving for ice cream in the daytime and you have a store in that locality. They try to search for the ice stores nearby but your store is not listed in that search as you do not have any online presence.

That is where Digital Marketing can help you by making you reach your customer in an organic manner.


My Approach

Content Marketing

Helps Brands and Businesses at different stages of the customer journey.

Lead Generation

Helps you connect to your customer in an organic way through different stategies like email marketingstrategies

FB and Google ads

Using the power of Social media and making sense of the money you are spending on ads



Social Media Starategy

Get your Brand’s Free Online Audit


Do you have an active website? Are you getting enough visitors

Lead Generation

Are you able to get enough customer through your online efforts


Have you tried reaching your customer through paid Ads?

Social Media Handles

Is your customer able to find you through social media handles?

From the Blog

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Analytics

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Analytics

Getting into a routine of using data to understand how your visitors are behaving and how you might influence that behavior is what conversion optimization is about. You need to use the web analytics data not just to report on how campaigns and digital assets are performing, but also to understand how to make them perform better.

Why you need a Website for your business

A website is a set of web pages with different information about brands and companies. Nowadays, everyone uses the internet, including clients, thus it is crucial for businesses to go online. Whether you have an offline store or an online store, it’s important to have...

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